Black House

Thawan Duchanee

Baandam Museum (Thawan Duchanee)

The Mystique of Black the Black House – Bann Si Dum

The inspired works of art by artist Thawan Duchanee is somewhat not in line with the conservative culture of Thailand and at times created many a storm in a tea cup. … His paintings and other works of art showcasing aggression, eroticism, mortality, deterioration, lunacy and brings forward his rich genius, vigor and resolve and is considered a maestro of contemporary art with an Asian perspective.

Art inspires: Thailand’s best-known artist Thawan Duchanee talks to LEKHA J. SHANKAR about his art

The smallest work at the present exhibition is valued at $30,000 and the biggest at $ two million. Thawan is probably the only Thai artist to command such a staggering dollar-price. The stories of his “payments” are legendary — the German Count who gave him a “blank” cheque and a Ferrari, the Thai collector who presented him with five cars including a Daimler and Mercedez, the long list of patrons waiting to pay any amount for new works from the 65-year-old artist.

The Dark and the Light Side of Thai Art

Dismissing the myths surrounding his bizarre collection — thought by many to be mysterious — if not ghoulish, the controversial 70-year-old, who professes to be nonreligious, maintains that “they mean nothing. They are for study, to help me with anatomy, form and function.” Is Black House the flipside of the virtuous White Temple, or is that reading too much into their close proximity? Thawan is noncommittal: “Why do people say this is hell? Like the John Lennon song, there’s no heaven above and no hell below.”


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