Fertility II

I Wayan Pasti (b. 1939)
Mother Brayut (Men Brayut), 2000
Rain tree wook (kayud suar) (Samanea saman)
200x80x45 cm

“Mother Brayut, fondly known as Men Brayut in Balinese folklore, was said to have originally be a demoness who ate children. She converted to Buddhism and thus became a protector of children. Her name, brayut, means “bent over with many fruits (children)”. Here she is rested peacfully, surrounded by some of 18 children. She appeares exhausted but happy in her task of raising such a big family, for the Balinese say “many children, many blessings”. This life-size sculpture is full of humor and very inviting to touch in its smoothness and fairly realistic textures.”


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