Bumblebee Dance

Anak Agung Gede Sobrat (1911 – 1992; Padangtegal, Gianyar, Bali)
Bumblebee Dance (Tari Oleg Tambulilingan), 1970
Tempera and Chinese ink on canvas, 97×132 cm

“The Oleg Tambulilingan (Bumblebee Dance) first was choreographed during the 1950s by the great dancer I Ketut Manya (Mario) from Tabanan for a touring group of Balinese musicians and dancers. The original kebyar (flashy) style dance only was performed by a female soloist, but a male part was added soon after to turn it into a flirtatious love duet. The use of lightning here and the rendering of the figures reflect Western aesthetic influences in a Balinese settings.”


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