Terrace of the Leper King

Power for the powerful; women for the brave; cobweb and moss for all

“The Terrace of the Leper King has the form of a redented, quadrangular bulb, projecting about 35 metres from the wall, about 25 metres wide and 8 metres high. Its decorations do not resemble anything else in Khmer art. The bas-reliefs are composed of 6 or 7 superposed registers of male and
female figures, whose pose and dress indicate that they are not deities, but which seem to represent kings surrounded by queens or princess. Mme de Coral Remusat calls them a KashaKing and his women.”
(SLK. The History of Leper King)

“Whatever the reason, both the internal and external bas-reliefs are intentionally monotonous in presentation. They show only lines of seated figures, apparently representing the various fabulous characters – Naga, Garuda, Kumbhanda – which haunt the flanks of Mount Meru, shown as giants (sometimes with multiple arms), sword or club bearers, and women with bare torsos whose costume and triangular head dress with flaming discs relate to the style of the Bayon.” (The Terrace of the Leper King – A Guide to the Angkor Monuments by Maurice Gleize)


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