Katai Kamminga and Her Erotic Garden

The Erotic Garden and Teahouse in Mae Rim, some 25 km from Chiang Mai, opened just 6 month ago and is largely unknown to the general public. But it has all chances to become a major tourist attraction in Chiang Mai.

The Erotic Garden is the creation of Katai Kamminga, a Thai lady from Ubon Ratchathani who lived for many years in Australia. She says that her main source of inspiration was phallic art of Bhutan where her archaeologist husband did a field work. She is well aware of other traditions too: her library of books on erotic art is quite impressive.

The garden features erotic plants (“this flower looks like a vulva, this one like a penis, and this one could be a ladyboy”), erotic landscapes (hills reminiscent of buttocks of breasts), and erotic sculptures (fruits and vegetables resembling sexy body parts and sexy body parts looking like natural formation, a few female figures expressing desire, and numerous manifestation of the central character – the phallus, the penis, the cock). Walk and chat with Katai who guides visitors through the garden is an erotic experience in itself.

Katai’s Erotic Garden is advertised as “the first erotic garden in Southeast Asia” which is not exactly true. Only in Thailand, there are at least two erotic sculpture gardens: The Kingdom of Somchai’s Affection in Koh Mak and Love Art Park in Pattaya.

Beyond Thailand, one can think about Haesindang Park (Penis Park) and Jeju Love Land in South Korea. The latter served as inspiration for both Love Land in China (demolished before opening in 2009) and Romantic Boulevard in Taiwan (opened in January 2015).

However, Katai’s creation seems to me quite unique.

First, it combine erotica in nature, culture, and creative imagination (where culture and nature blend).

Second, this creative imagination is evidently female. Katai vs. Somchai: cocks, not pussies are the universal attractors in her world. Of course, phallic worship is as old as this world. In Thailand, there are a few religious places where the phallus is worshiped, such as Chao Mae Tuptim shrine aka Penis Temple in Bangkok (see also 1 and 2) and a shrine with huge stone phallic sculptures in Ban Khok Lao Nua, near Chiang Khan in Isaan. But in case of Katai it is a very personal statement.

The sculpture of a girl sleeping on her knees with her butt up seems to be the creator’s self-portrait, and the entire garden embodiment of her dream.

The energy is very good at the garden. I think it can well be used for healing.

Welcome to Penisland!

Chiang Mai Erotic Garden & Teahouse
Huay Sai Soi 5
Mae Rim, Chiang Mai
Tel.: 083-318-4855, 098-584-7662



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