Wat Chom Tong Meditation Center

c. The feeling of joy is absent; the meditator feels bored and sad as though he has been separated from what he loves.

g. The meditator may feel that everything is bad in every way and there is nothing that can be enjoyed.

f. Some meditators think of returning home, because they feel that their parami (accumulated past merit) has been insufficient. As a result they start preparing their belongings to go home. In the early days this was termed, “the nana of rolling the mat.”


1. Guardian Naga


2. Temple and Its Totems


3. Meditation Walk


4. Phra Clyde J. Brannan on the Alms Round


5. Buddha Day


6. Ajaan Tong Giving Blessing


“The essence of the knowledge of disenchantment is that, even in the very fantasy itself, the meditator knows that the object of his desire will not solve his problem. He knows that even if he leaves the meditation centre and attains his most heart-felt desire, this too is unsatisfactory. There is no situation that he can imagine which is satisfactory. All his desires and fantasies are like ashes in his mouth.”




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