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Thai Fan Dance

Thai Fan Dance at Kalare Market

@ Kalare Market


Wat Ko Klang

Wat Ko Klang, about 20 km from Lamphun, embraces a group of ancient structures allegedly build in 9th century by In Ta, the father of Queen Chamadevi, the first ruler of Haripuchai.The remains include the ruins of the ordination hall, traces of the wall, the well, the western entrance gate, the eastern pavilion and a religious building outside the temple wall. There is also an old rounded chedi in front of the wat in the River Ping. A bit further along the road lies Noen Mae Mai, or Octogonal Base, with a sculpture of Queen Chamadevi.

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Tantra People

A few pics from the first day of Goa Tantra Festival, mostly from public events such as the opening ceremony and an evening concert. (You cannot be fully involved in the process and take pictures at the same time. Also some practices are very intimate and should remain secret.)

Opening ceremony

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