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Purple Monkey

Purple Monkey
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Koh Rong Samloem: Beaches and Bungalows

I stayed for a week in a couple of places in M’Pay Bay. At one point I rented a boat and went around the island to explore other beaches and accommodation options, just in case I decide to come here again in the future.

Koh Rong Samloem is less developed than Koh Rong. Some beaches are totally empty or have just a few buildings that belong to Cambodian navy.

There are four beaches with some sort of accommodation: M’Pay Bay, Sunset Beach, Lazy Beach and Saracen Bay.

M’Pay Bay

There are three places to stay here with the price range $20-50 per night. One can also find cheaper guesthouses and homestays in M’Pay Bay village ($3-10 per night).

M’Pay Bay Bungalows

Rustic wooden beachside bungalows, double bed, en-suite bathroom and private veranda. To the east from the village, British-owned, quiet, a few minutes walk to the Long Beach.

Price Range: $20, Tent $5


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