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Buddha and a Cat at Wat Buppharam
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Wat Chom Tong Meditation Center

c. The feeling of joy is absent; the meditator feels bored and sad as though he has been separated from what he loves.

g. The meditator may feel that everything is bad in every way and there is nothing that can be enjoyed.

f. Some meditators think of returning home, because they feel that their parami (accumulated past merit) has been insufficient. As a result they start preparing their belongings to go home. In the early days this was termed, “the nana of rolling the mat.”


1. Guardian Naga

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Woman with a Broom

I stumbled upon this sculptural group at Koh Mak temple. The woman with a broom struck me. I haven’t seen many images of women in Buddhist wats (apart of apsaras and devatas, who play a rather decorative role, or Mahayana deities such as Guan Yin, or numerous female figures in the narratives about the life of the Buddha). And although I’ve seen a lot of sweeping and cleaning at the Buddhist monasteries, I’ve never seen a sculpture of a sweeping woman in any of them.
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