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Nang Usa and Tao Baros, Their Love and Coffins in Muchroom Rocks

“No fortress is impregnable, nor any prison secure, for the mind can pass through any wall, no matter how strong it might be: and a young girl’s spirit is alive with desire, and old stone cannot think.”
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Woman with a Broom

I stumbled upon this sculptural group at Koh Mak temple. The woman with a broom struck me. I haven’t seen many images of women in Buddhist wats (apart of apsaras and devatas, who play a rather decorative role, or Mahayana deities such as Guan Yin, or numerous female figures in the narratives about the life of the Buddha). And although I’ve seen a lot of sweeping and cleaning at the Buddhist monasteries, I’ve never seen a sculpture of a sweeping woman in any of them.
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