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Wat Mae Kaet Noi: Black and White

Wat Mae Kaet Noi
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The White and the Gold

The White and the Gold

This temple I stumbled upon in Pai is called something like Mae She Thai Patthana Chit Chaloem Phra Kiait. Surprisingly, there is no information about it on the internet. I talked to a nun and she told me that it’s a women’s monastery (although men are allowed to visit). I have no idea when it was build or what is the meaning of its numerous statues. However, I like the evident symbolism of merging the opposites. The white and the gold, the red and the blue are so harmoniously intertwined.

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Wat San Pa Yang Luang

Wat San Pa Yang Luang [in Thai: วัดสันป่ายางหลวง] in Lamphun is an extremely beautiful temple somewhat reminding of White Temple in Chiang Rai but with much longer history and much less tourists.

Originally a Brahmanist monastery, it became the first Buddhist monastery in Lanna. It is believed that Queen Chamadevi was cremated here.

Wat San Pa Yang Luang

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Wat Cham Devi

Wat Cham Devi (spelled also as Wat Chamadevi, Wat Cham Thewi, Wat Jam Thewee, Wat Kukut, etc.) was founded in 755 and is famous for its two unusual pyramid-like chedis built around 1218 that exemplifies Mon architecture from the Dvaravati period. Each tier of Chedi Kukut has standing Buddha images, 60 in total. It presumably contains the ashes of Queen Chama Devi.

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